Quest para obtener cristales de elementos

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Quest para obtener cristales de elementos

Mensaje  Jerichos el Dom Nov 15, 2015 8:42 pm

Hay 3 quests que se pueden hacer, depende de la profesión se adapta más a unos que otros

Dejo aquí en inglés, luego traduzco

1) Cristales Fire
- Zona: combat training fields
- Ciudad: Oren
- Quest "treat removal"
- NPC: Pinaps
- nivel 82
- antes debes de haber acabado la quest "no secrets" quest del mismo NPC (Pinaps)
- quest repetible

Colecciona 400 items y entregalos en el Pinaps, te dará de forma aleatoria

a) 1 ews
b) 1-3 eas
c) or 1-2 fire crystals (you have some decent % to get crystals)

2) Cristales water

- Zona: beast farm
- Ciudad: Rune
- Quest: "home security"
- NPC: Tunatum
- Nivel 82
- Repetible

Recolecta 300 quest items and you will get a random reward

a) 1 ews
b) 1-10 eas
c) or 1-2 water crystals (you have some decent % to get crystals)

3) plains of lizardmen - quest name: "handle with care"
- before you can take it you have to finish "take your best shot" quest from npc johnny
- it starts form npc ankuni (you need 82 lvl)
- from the previous quest you will get item that is nessecary to summon a rb (solo rb) witch drop 2 random items:
a) Highest Grade Lizard Scale
b) or Middle Grade Lizard Scale
- from the first one you can obtain holy crystal or 2-3 eas, the second one will give you only eas
- quest is reapetable

p.s. quest in combat training grounds is way better and faster then this in beast farm becouse there is a lot of spots to aoe. a single group of mobs is something about ~20 and you can kill a couple of groups at a time (ofc you dont have 100% to get the q.i. form the mob). practically you can get 400 quest items in ~ 30 min.

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